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Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You Time

Keyboard shortcuts can help you work much faster on a computer, saving you time and making you more productive. As we mentioned in our blog Why IT Shouldn’t Waste Your Time , they can really boost your work rate. Once they become a habit, you’ll forget you ever used to take the longer route to complete a process.

Here are several popular Keyboard Shortcuts that you could learn to use daily

Copying and Pasting

CTRL + C will Copy any highlighted text or item, saving you the time of right clicking, finding Copy and clicking.

CTRL + V will Paste the highlighted text or item, saving you time of right clicking and finding Paste again.

If you work on an Apple Mac, replace the CTRL button with CMD (Command) and it completes the same function.

Undo and Redo

CTRL + Z will Undo the last function you did. You can press it multiple times and go through your history of changes, undoing them all. This is very useful for sites or software that don’t have an obvious ‘UNDO’ button. When touch typing fast on a keyboard, even the best will make spelling or punctuation mistakes, so this fast Undo button can speed you up.

CTRL + Y will Redo the last Undo you completed. You can also press this one multiple times. This is useful for if you accidentally Undo too many times and need to go back.

Finding text

CTRL + F will open the Find field in your browser or software. If you haven’t used Find before, it allows you to search an entire page or document for a certain word, and it will take you to them and tell you how many times it occurs. This is particularly useful for skipping ahead to a relevant section or editing text content.

Quick Save

CTRL + S will save whatever document you are working on. Very useful if you are working on a very important document where losing work could be disastrous. You can press this shortcut to Save with very little effect on your work process, provided you have saved the document once before. If you haven’t, you will have to name and choose the file location.

Quick Print

CTRL + P will bring up the Print preview for whatever page you’re on. A very quick way of printing, once pressed you can edit the amount of copies, printer location and more.

Once these shortcuts become a second thought and habit, you will notice you work much faster when working on a computer. This allows you to reach deadlines faster and be more productive.

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