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Defending Your Data

By now, you’ll probably be sick of the sight of GDPR. The judgement day of May 25th 2018 may have passed but data security is still as important than ever. This blog is about why defending your data in different ways is essential, especially as an organisation. 

GDPR Doomsday

The GDPR Judgement Day

The months leading up to GDPR regulation was full of panic and misinformation. Many organisations followed the route of making sure their policy could pass GDPR compliance – when in fact data security is more important to you than just passing a theoretical GDPR inspection. 

The cost of Data Loss

Eighty percent of the cost of a stolen laptop is actually stolen data. The actual hardware may be the first worry; but in fact you likely have lots and lots of personal/private data that has value to you. The information could be bank details, addresses or phone numbers or simply the fact you’re logged in to everything automatically on that device. 

This is scary as an individual on a private level, but when it’s a laptop used for work the connotations can be even worse. If you’re even slightly lax with your GDPR compliance, losing a single laptop can be disastrous for your organisation or the one you work for. The information or ability to get information on customers can be worth thousands to malicious thieves. 

As well as the actual cost of the hardware and potential data, there are GDPR fines to worry about. The precedent is yet to be set with how GDPR regulatory bodies will handle fines for SMEs – but the scary sum of 4% of annual turnover or £20 million is still there. 50% of companies that experience a large cyber attack or breach normally fold within 6 months – so security is absolutely vital.

What to do?

Simply having a 4 digit pass-code on your device is not enough to comply with GDPR. You need to have multiple layers of digital security to prevent the laptop being of any use to a thief. Keeping track of what data you have stored on your device and where can also be hard when you’re using it day to day and are busy. We offer Device Compliance Scans that can detect what data is where and what format it takes. Once you’ve scanned, you can then keep track of all data you keep on your laptop and make sure it’s secure.

Physical laptop security isn’t the only concern for data security. Having full access Wi-Fi with the password written on the wall, no Anti-Virus scan software on your device or the wrong internal permissions can all cause a data breach. As as an organisation, it’s essential to have a security policy that covers all areas. 

If you need advice or consultancy, or would like to find out more about the data security services we offer, ring our office on 0121 2700808 or email enquiries@it-works.co.uk. 

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