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New Year, New You? Upgrading Hardware & Software in 2019

As everybody settles into the New Year, most people set personal resolutions to follow. Go to the gym more, eat more salads, read more books.

Many business owners or managers will also set some changes for their business. This may be a new sales strategy, a more organised rota or tidier desks. Make your business New Years resolution this year your IT set up.

Following on from the theme of development and improvement, here are five reasons why you should consider upgrading your organisation hardware or software this year.

1 – Boost Your Productivity

A primary reason to upgrade your computer or a program you use daily is speed. Dated versions of computers and software will run slower, holding you back from achieving more results. If you have 15 employees working on old computers running old software, you are wasting money via wages come the end of the working week. Faster systems are also easier to work with and keep employees happier. A happier workplace is a more productive one.

2 – Level Of Security

Dated products are either not updated or they soon won’t be. Tech companies are constantly adding and patching in security features that make your hardware/software safe from any new kind of cyber threat. Once they stop being updated, there are possible breaches everywhere. Similar to leaving your front door unlocked when you leave the house.

3 – Support Availability

Just like with security patches, dated software and hardware will eventually become unsupported. This means if you run into an issue that requires the product creators help, you will be turned away. Throughout the years, we have seen many companies ‘getting by’ on a dated piece of software and just hoping it doesn’t run into a problem, as it’s been unsupported for a long time. A risk not worth taking.

In January 2020, Windows 7 operating system loses support. If your organisation is still operating on the Windows 7 system, now is the time to find out about upgrading. Running a business on an unsupported operating system could cause countless issues down the line.

4 – Less Financial Cost/Risk

Updating your computers or programs may not sound like a way to decrease your costs, but it is. The level of risk to business operation and cost of fix with dated products means you could end up paying more by not upgrading. Investing in a newer system saves you the worry of having to spend big to fix a dated product, giving you peace of mind.

5 – Improving Your Operation

One of the main things upgrading will do is improving your operation. New computers will have new features, greater compatibility and allow you to work faster and better. New software will make your life easier full stop, as new versions bring increased automation and features.

New orders for ISDN phone lines are also being rejected as of 2020, with a full switch off planned for 2025. It’s future-proof successor VoIP, which we use ourselves at IT-Works, is the way forward for businesses and charities. VoIP is a vastly superior system compared to ISDN.

What Next?

Upgrading something you feel safe and confident with can be a daunting prospect, especially when it’s massively influential to your business operation.

Get in touch with us via email, phone or social media to organise a chat about how an upgrade would work for you. We have a proven track record of completing upgrades with zero affect on business operation.

If you aren’t sure what upgrades are possible, book your organisation a free business review.

Book A Free IT Review with IT-Works
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